Guest Post: LM Preston and CONTEST!!

Contest Extended Until Dec 31!
I originally made a short deadline because of business, but things have calmed 🙂

I’m please to have LM Preston guest post on The O.W.L. today.  She’s going to talk about how she builds the worlds of her stories.  I’m always facinated by how authors create a world so different from our own.


I once participated in a Sci-Fi critique group, where one of the authors asked about World Building. Our leader never expanded on this topic. When this topic was bought up, I pondered what I did when I build the many worlds I create for my books.

When I built the planet Shrenas, in which Aadi and Eirena crashed on, I used the extremes of Earth as a basis for the harshness of that planet. I had a collage of cut out pictures in a folder I kept, and sticky notes of the species of the planet. I loved creating Shrenas. Read below to find out the secrets of a world builder.

I believe everyone has their own methods. However, here are some of mine that help me throughout the process.


I love to travel, and do so very often. Traveling and exposing yourself to different wonders of our world can be a catalyst for the creation of your new world. Always look and observe people, places, art, colors, temperatures, and other oddities that reside in the world around you. It will help you to push your imagination further as you create your own worlds.


Take time to study and observe your surroundings. Things that may not seem interesting initially can become an integral part of the world you create. When you are walking, or touring areas take your time, allow your imagination to go beyond the obvious and ask yourself many questions.

I ask myself many questions about my surroundings. What if the clouds were black, blue, and gray? What if the sun was white? Or lower to the ground? What if the plants had fingers? Push yourself to expand on the world around you and morph them into something different.


I do a lot of research on the internet. Truth be told, I don’t do a lot of reading, I just look at pictures. I tend to look at pictures for a long time, and sit back and see if it fits into my world.

I note what extremes I want my world to have.
I note what rules my world should have.
I note what kind of species could live in that world.
How would a human sustain this environment?
Should I create something artificial in order to allow my humans to live here?


I draw out parts of your new world or cut out pictures of places or things that fit in the world you create. You don’t have to be a writer to do this. Try it and you will realize how fun it can be.


I tend to create these elaborate worlds, and then I take out a lot of the microscopic pieces that I believe the reader can fill in. However, I give the backdrop in the world the reader creates. I note the rules for that world, its species, animals and weaknesses.


Address the main guidepost of your world. How is it powered? Is it advanced? Is it rugged? What’s the climate? What does the land look like? Does it have a sun or moon? Are there animals there? What are the major species? How does your character fit into it all?

When I world build it comes natural to me, because I’ve always loved science and like to spend time pondering its wonders. However, taking notes, going exploring, drawing it out, and making DA RULES has helped me greatly in creating the worlds in my novels.

LM. Preston
YA Science Fiction AUTHOR
Upcoming Releases
THE Pack (Fall 2010)

LM Preston has offered up a copy of the book! So, if you’d like a chance at winning your own copy of Explorer X-Alpha all you need to do is become a follower of LM Preston’s blog and leave a comment with your email addresses.
Contest will end Dec 9th.

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