In The Middle Reading Challenge

As you all know I teach 7th grade and because I teach 7th grader I have a wide range of reading levels and interests to read for.  I do read a ton of YA, but I always make sure to read tons of MG as well.  YA and MG over-lap to a degree, and I have students at both ends of the spectrum.  There are so many amazing MG books out there, and I’d love to get more people reading them.  With that in mind I decided to host a challenge for middle grade books – In the Middle Reading Challenge.  Here’s “rules” for the challenge.

1.  You must read middle grade books.  These are books deemed right for kids ages 9 (sometimes 8) – 12.  Harry Potter would be considered a MG book.  If you look for them on Amazon you need to look under children’s ages 9-12.

2.  Challenge starts Jan 17, 2010 and ends Dec 31, 2010.  All books for the challenge must be read in that time frame.

3.  Books for this challenge can cross over to other challenges.

4.  Audio and ebooks count for sure!

5.  There will be 4 levels:
      5th Grader: At least 4 Books
      6th Grader: At least 6 Books
      7th Grader: At least 8 Books
      8th Grader: At least 10 Books

6.  In order to be considered for any prizes given away during the challenge you must to an intial post joining the challenge and link on Mr. Linky by Jan 16 (two weeks). 

At the end of the year, and occasionally throughout the year I’ll do check-in posts and hopefully have some giveaways for them!

Now I need HELP! I tried to make a button (see below) but I don’t know how good it is. Thoughts? And if you know how to make GOOD ones and would like to make one that would be awesome too!


23 thoughts on “In The Middle Reading Challenge

  1. I would love to join your challenge, as I have many middle grade books. I''ll join in at the eighth grade level and work on a post for it when I get home from work tonight!

  2. Ooh, sounds like fun. I also teach 7th grade, but hardly read any middle grades books (mostly because my students prefer YA novels). I'll be working on my post soon!

  3. Count me in! This sounds like a fun challenge. I like to read Middle Grades books so that I can talk to my students about them. Besides, they are fun to read. I put a button in my sidebar that should send people to this web page if they click on it (and if I did it right.)

  4. Glad I stumbled upon this challenge! I read tons of YA but never have much interest in middle grade novels. Here's to changing that! Thanks for the challenge. πŸ™‚

  5. I keep promising no more challenges, but this one is easy. I have the Mark Twain list to choose from, as well as the Cybils, and anything I read will help me plan the book list for the next year's book battle. I will be going for the 8th grade level and reading 10. Thanks.

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