Sunday Shelves

I got enough feedback from my post on Friday to go ahead with my idea for a new weekly feature. The name of the feature will be “Sunday Shelves”. It will have two parts. 

1.  PICTURE  Each Sunday I’ll feature a different blogger or reader by showing a picture of their bookshelf.  I will link back to their blog, so you can go visit it and get to know that blogger better. 
2.  GUEST POST  The may choose to guest post with an explanation how their shelves are arranged or why they don’t arrange them a certain way.

I’ll start this feature by showing my bookshelf.  My bookshelf at home is pretty sad.  I only have one, and it’s pretty small.  I’m planning on getting to Ikea and get a new one.  Actually I’d like to redo my entire den into more of a library with several bookcases, a comfy chair and a large part of one wall painted with chalkboard paint.  I want that to help map out my writing.  So in the end it would mostly be a library but also a writing room! Now just to put that dream to reality. 

This is the kind of bookcase I want:

Ok without further ado here is my one sad, sad, sad bookshelf!

See! Sad I know.
Now for how I arrange my books – I don’t, not really.  I do put books that are part of a series together.  But otherwise there is not pattern to my madness.  I will have one when I have more room.  At that point I’ll just arrange by author.  I don’t do anything by size or color, although bookcases arranged by color look really cool!

I do have this one other hanging shelf that my dad made, but it’s not real big, and it’s in my room away from all my other books.  I might have to put more books on it just to lose the clutter on the one I have now.  Here’s a picture of that.  On that shelf I have my Sunfire books (a series I read as a middle schooler) and the Little House on the Prairie books my mom gave me. 

Ok now it’s your turn! Email me at foltzsfantasticbooks at if you want to be featured. 
If you’ve already emailed me I’ll be contacting you SOON about when I’ll need your pic and possible guest post!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Shelves

  1. I am having fits right now because I really want my books displayed all nice and pretty too. We just moved and unfortunately they are still all packed up except for stack recent buys/gifts that just keeps growing. Very fun idea! keep the posts coming.

  2. I like the Hanging Shelf, it's very pretty!I'd love to have a library too :)Ikea does make nice shelves, but my boyfriend's dad is a carpenter in his free time, so if we ever get a place of our own we are going to commission him to make us custom shelves ๐Ÿ˜€

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