Monday Reading Merriment

This is a weekly meme inspired by one started by J. Kaye’s Book Blog. Each week on Monday we tell what we read the previous week and what we plan to read in the upcoming week. I like to put a spin on it to also look at various other reading events happening this week.

Well last week I read Dani Noir.  I’ll be reveiwing it tomorrow for Tween Tuesday. 

I haven’t decided what to read next.  It’s either going to be Beautiful CreaturesLooking For Alaska or The Lightning Thief.  I’m kinda leaning toward The Lightning Thief because I want to read it before the movie comes out Feb. 12th.  If you haven’t seen the trailer check it out below.  After seeing this trailer I knew I needed to read the book.

Book coming out this week
Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn – being released Tuesday the 12th
      I’m addicted to my Blackberry, so this book really interests me!
All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab – being released Tuesday the 12th

A Great Contest
Steph at Hey! Teenager of the Year is holding an awesome contest for aspiring YA authors.  Here’s the info straight from her site:
I am giving away First Five Pages critiques! So if you’re an aspiring YA novelist, interested in getting a bit of feedback from, um, me (a soon-to-be published YA author and real live bonafide teenager), this is the competition for you! There will be five winners, but if there are over 100 entries I’ll announce a few more.
If you think you’d like to enter.  Click here for the full post! It ends January 18th, so you need to hurry!

10 thoughts on “Monday Reading Merriment

  1. I have yet to read Lightening Thief either, but I did read Sea of Monsters last year for the book battle I am involved in. I also bought the set for my grandson who is in 2nd grade and reads up a storm. Might just have to borrow the set when he finishes. Like your blog. Have a great week reading.

  2. I read the whole Percy Jackson Series last year and loved it. Lightening Thief is really good. I think you will enjoy it. But I would like to add that initially the writing is a bit crude , looks unpolished but as the series progresses it turns in to a brilliant saga.I too am waiting eagerly for the movie:)

  3. I just picked up The Lightning Thief,too, hoping to get a crash course in Percy Jackson before the movie release. Luckily, my students have supplied me with all of the books–all I need is a bit a time and some peace (which is becoming increasingly hard to come by!).

  4. Yes-read Percy! I can't wait for the movies, and I'm trying not to re-read the books before then. I don't want to sit through the movie thinking, "they did this wrong, they left this out" like I've done with Harry Potter.

  5. Percy Jackson is bloody awesome! Also those other books you mention possibly reading are great too. Looking For Alaska is almost as quick of a read as Percy Jackson, so you may be able to fit both into the week!The advantage of Percy is that it'll fit into your MG reading challenge 😀

  6. I think you should read the Lightening Thief so you can compare it to the movie when it comes out. I really want to read All Unquiet Things. The cover is so intriguing.

  7. I'll chime in and say yes, you must read The Lightening Thief. It's such fun! I agree with Shweta about the writing. It does get better, but I also think it's part of the way Percy's personality is shown. It grew on my.My one issue with the movies is that the actors are way too old. Unless they've changed the time frame for the movie, Percy is supposed to be 12. Much of his behavior is that of a 12/13 year old. No way that actor looks 12. I think the age is part of the charm of the books. Such a young hero. Anyway…

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