Bookmark Day!

Monica over at The Bibliophilic Book Blog is doing something really fun.  She’s dedicating a whole day, Monday March 15th, to bookmarks! Isn’t that awesome?  To promote her bookmark day I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on bookmarks.

 First tho some links to her blog posts about Bookmark Day. 
Her first post on it can be found here.
And her follow up post laying out more details can be found here.
Make sure to head over there on the 15th for lots of fun and prizes!
Ok now my thoughts on bookmarks:
When I was younger I had a HUGE bookmark collection.  I don’t remember exact numbers or anything, but I know it wasn’t two or three.  I just loved having different bookmarks.  When we’d go to the mall on the weekend I’d always go to the bookstore (B. Daltons) or Hallmark and check out their supply.  And often times – I’d buy one.  Of course as a young girl ones with kitties or puppies were top on my list, but any cute or pretty picture would work.  Some days I wish I still had that collection.
Fast forward a good 20 years, and I once again find myself in love with bookmarks – but now I like many different kinds. First here are some things I’ve used as a bookmark lately:
  • a receipt
  • pictures of my kids
  • an owl notecard
  • cute magnetic owls
  • valentine’s card
  • post-it note
  • notecard
I have to explain the Valentine’s Day card. 
As an English teacher my students are always asking for something to use as a bookmark.  I can’t afford to buy “real” bookmarks – even the large packs of them.  One year I was at Target right after Valentine’s Day.  I had a lightbulb moment! At 75% off I could get packs of 32 “bookmarks” for pennie’s a piece.  Ever since then I buy several boxes.  The kids love them.  You should see them dig for one they want – picking from Barbie, Toy Story, Incrediable Hulk, Spiderman, Dora and puppies or kitties.  They work wonders, and I highly recommend them to other teachers needing bookmarks!
I’m loving the magnetic ones.  I want these owl ones from Amazon.
I really like how the magnets work and they don’t fall out.  I have found that I need to be careful tho to not rip the pages when I take them off. 
And of course Etsy has tons of great bookmarks!  Here’s a few.  I’ve linked the Etsy store that sells them.
Ladybug ones at Cute N Creative
Books at Fallen Peach
Paperclip ones – LOVE theses at Pure Vintage Gold
So – share your favorite bookmarks AND go to The Bibliophilic Book Blog to join in bookmark day on the 15th (psssst – that’s tomorrow)

5 thoughts on “Bookmark Day!

  1. I had one as a kid that I was given. It had the Teen Creed on it. I memorized all 14 points, but can only remember one now – stand for something or you'll fall for anything.thanks for the link to another great blog.

  2. Thank you so much fie ketting us know about this! I have been wanting to include my around the world bookmark collection and now will have a chance to showcase. I still have a Hallmark bookmark, so I totally know what you mean. I am also going to ask my sister to donate some of her bookmark creations to the blog. If anyone is interested in seeing her artwork, you can chechk it out at…Thanks again!

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