End of Summer Final Reading Counts

Sign.  It is now Labor Day and my last day of summer vacation.  Tomorrow I officially start back to work.  I thought it would be a good day to take a by final reading counts. I’m going to try and read one more book today (fingers crossed my kids let me!!)
Ok here are the stats:
Books read: 25
Hours read: 80 (that’s 4800 minutes)
See right hand side for the book I read
Best Book: A tie between The Maze Runner and Catching Fire
How I did on the TBR list I set at the beginning of the summer: I had 26 books on my list.  I read 25 books! On the list I actually read 10.  Just goes to show I read more by what interests me at that time.
Challenge with my students: I’ll announce those winners after school get going and I hear from them πŸ™‚
Reviews written (I have a TON yet to write)
Click the title to see the review

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