Tween Tuesday: Book Review of How to Grow Up and Rule the World

Title: How to Grow Up and Rule the World by Vordak the Incomprehensible
Author: Scott Seegert (aka Vordak!)
Publisher: EgmontUSA

From Goodreads
Slip on your acid-free gloves, make sure you have a duplicate copy of How to Grow Up and Rule the World (just in case something should happen to this one) and try to follow along as the incomparable, superior-in-all-ways Vordak the Incomprehensible teaches you a thing or two about villainy. Now you, too, can try (and fail) to attain Vordak’s level of infamy.

From selecting the most dastardly name, to choosing the ideal henchmen, to engaging in witty repartee with disgustingly chipper superheroes, experienced supervillain Vordak the Incomprehensible guides readers step-by-step toward the ultimate goal of world domination (from his parents’ basement in Trenton, New Jersey).

With chapter titles like “Bringing Out the Evil” and “Building a Top-Notch Evil Organization,” numerous bold illustrations, and detailed quizzes to assess your level of dastardliness, this book provides everything necessary to rise above the masses, and then rub your ascent in their faces.

In return for this wealth of knowledge, Vordak requests nothing more than an honored place in the evil regime of he who achieves control of the world. (And, of course, the opportunity to assume command, should things not work out.)

My Review
What a fun, and informative, book! I mean how many times have I been thinking about ruling the world but not knowing where to start! Well Vordak has taken all the guess work out of it and given us a compete step-by-step guide to getting your dream of world domination going. 

I had this book sitting on my desk at school.  While my students were working I picked it up an read the first page. I actually burst out laughing! Quickly quieting myself I knew I had to share it with my students – especially after the odd looks I got.  At the end of the hour I read them the first page.  They wanted more!!! Not many books can hook an entire class of 7th graders that easy.  I told them it would be available as soon as I was done with it.  I know it’ll be snatched up when I put it out on the shelf.

What I liked the best was the humor.  It was funny and funny is hard to do! (sorry Vordak but it was funny and, to make you happy, scary, really really scary!). The voice of Vordak rang through the whole thing.  He wrote it as if talking straight to you.  This is usually my least favorite form of writing, but for this book it definitely worked.  I also liked the questions inserted throughout the book by a supposed reader.  The voice of this person was great!  It was also fun to watch it change as the book went along and it became clearer and clearer what Vordak was like. 

There is one thing that may bother some older readers.  Vordak, of course, encourages the reader to become more and more evil.  You can’t take over the world if you aren’t evil! But sometimes, if you forget the fact the book is intended to be funny, the things Vordak suggests you do to be evil could be inappropriate.  Some may worry that kids will take the advice to heart.  I like to believe that kids are smart enough to know it’s meant to be funny and over the top!

Final thought: You know we’ve all thought about ruling the world, so it’s about time a book can help you plan
Best stick-with-you image: It wasn’t an image; instead it was an explanation.  I love when Vordak explains why he chose “the Incomprehensible” to go with his name.  It just made me shake my head
Best for readers who: Like to laugh
Best for readers: 9+

Watch for my intervew of Vordak to be posted soon!

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