How I Get Cheap Bookmarks for My Students

I have to share this because I know I have teachers and librarians that read the blog. So here goes – I’m a dork.  I completely admit that!  And here is just one example. 
My students are always asking for bookmarks.  I can’t afford to buy the official bookmarks they sell in packs of like 25.  Well one year I was standing in the Valentine’s aisle looking at the stuff on clearance.  I looked at the boxes of Valentines on 75% off and had a light bulb moment.  They would make perfect (and cheap) bookmarks.  I snatched up several boxes and put them out the next day.  My students loved them.  Now they could have a Spiderman or Harry Potter bookmark.  You should see them dig through the box they are in looking for one they like. 
So now every Valentine’s Day I snatch up several boxes.  This year I bought 15!  But I did the math and I got 500 book marks for like $6!  Here’s a pic of most of the ones I bought.
Call me crazy but it works 🙂



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