Cover Crush: Miss Peregrine’s

I love book covers.  I really really do.  Even my students know how much I love them.  I’ll share a new book and go on and on about the cover.  Or I’ll search out a few students in the morning to show it to them.  They laugh at me but they get it.  They also get that a “bad” cover is – well just bad! I truly do get a crush on certain covers.
Currently I’m crushing on:
I’m in love with this cover! It just gives me the creeps but in a fantastic way! I think part of the reason I’m drawn to it is that I’ve been watching Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, and it has hints of that in it.  Notice her feet don’t really touch the ground! And what’s even cooler is that there are photographs in the book, so the cover will almost get carried through the entire story!
I WILL be getting this book!

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