Take a Quick Poll on My Blog Design

I changed to a plain yellow background.  Thoughts?????

Hey all!! I’ve been toying with getting a new blog design.  The owls would stay OF COURSE, but I’ve had this one for almost two years, so I’m thinking of an update.  I kinda want to simplify it a little.  Sometimes I feel it’s a bit much on the screen.

Could you help me out by taking the very quick poll on the right?
If you vote:
YUP: you think I should look into something completely new
NO!: You like the design just as it is!
KEEP MOST: you think I should keep most but maybe trim down some or just get like rating owls
Feel free to comment on this post if you have ideas or thoughts 🙂

5 thoughts on “Take a Quick Poll on My Blog Design

  1. I was JUST pointing out your blog as an example of pretty blog design! I'm thinking of getting a professional redesign of mine, since I'm rubbish at it. How about changing the polka dot background? They are kind of big, but I LOVE the felt owls!

  2. I like the blog design and don't find it cluttered. You may want to change the background. We did that at Literary Rambles and it made the site feel different. Also maybe post your picture where you tell who you are.

  3. I am so torn! I love this design, but I would love to see other owls, too. The "Yup!" one seemed so harsh. ha! But I chose it only because it's good to change up the theme now and then (says the girl who is obsessed with changing her blog theme with the seasons…) I LOVE the felt owls though.My only other suggestion would be to tone down the background a little so that when I am sneaking on at work it doesn't look too candy-ish. (not that I would sneak on at work because I am a very responsible employee…)

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