Cover Crush: Everneath

I love book covers.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  Just yesterday I was in Barnes in Noble walking with my sister back to the little kids books so my 4 year old could look.  I of course took the path through the Teen section.  I had to stop and tap a book and show her the cover!  I truly do have cover crushes!
Today I’m crushing on:

Now I know this has been all over the web since Friday and normally I like to highlight a cover that others may have not seen, but this cover is just WOW!  What I really like is that if you just look at the top half you’re just taken in by that dress (yes I want it!), and that gives you one idea about the book.  Then your eye pan down and you see this dark swirl of clouds like a bad storm brewing.  The (ok get ready for big word here) juxtaposition of the two is so cool!  The beauty of the dress is even more so against the darkness, and the darkness is even more so against that dress.  It’s so beautiful and it makes me want to know what it’s all about!!!

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