NetGalley Update and Wanna Buy a Kobo??

Just a really quick update on how I’m doing with NetGalley Month hosted by Red House Books.  Go HERE to find out all about it and sign up!

I’ve read two books so far.  They are:
The Cellar  – some scenes were quite gory!
The Magnificent 12 – The Trap – fun and quick

Look for in depth reviews soon.


Ok this is a weird mish-mash of a post, but I have a part two.

This past late winter I bought my daughter a Kobo at Borders as it was going out of business.  We both thought she’d use it a lot.  Well she has barely used it, so we’ve decided to sell it. 

If you thought about getting an ereader here’s a really cheap and easy way to enter the market.  A bit about it:

  • It’s WIFI ready so you can buy and download straight from it.
  • Kobo is separate from Borders, so the issues with Borders doesn’t affect the Kobo
  • You CAN read NetGalley book on it (hey there’s how this post ties together) and Simon and Schuster’s Galley Grab.
  • Google sells books if you didn’t know that – they work on here!
  • I have everything for it including the box


It’s a great basic ereader!  I’m asking $50 for it but make me an offer!!!  You’d have to pay through Paypal and pay shipping (which shouldn’t be much) US residents only please though.
Here is the link to the Kobo page about it- check out that site to find out about buying books straight from Kobo. 
Email me if interested:  themgowl at gmail dot com


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