Welcome to BLOGFEST 2011!!!!

Are you excited??? Are ya? Are ya? I know I am because it’s BLOGFEST time!

Ok here’s some details about Blogfest over-all.
It runs July 15-17
Each blog will link to 5 more blogs participating.
You can always find the whole list at our fantastic host:
  AND guess what else – you can TRACK your entries through the Blogfest tracking site. Find that site HERE.  For each blog you tract at the tracking site you gain an extra entry in a special giveaway!

Now about my giveaway!

I’m giving away of a copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth

You’ve got to read this book.  I read it and LOVE it!
To Enter:
Simple simple – fill out the form 🙂
You don’t have to follow.  I only want you to follow if you check out my blog and like it enough to stick around.
Must be a US resident (sorry)

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