My New Cat!!!!!!!

Hey all quick quick post for a late Sunday.  I just have to share the excitement at our house this week!

This past week we welcomed a new pet into our family.  My daughter and I have been talking about getting a cat for a little while.  Well Wednesday we decided (along with the two boys) to head to the humane society and see what they had.  After a few failed attempts one of the volunteers guided us to a very cute cat that was said to be super friendly.  We all entered the little room and out came the most beautiful cat!  Calm, soft, pretty and friendly.  He was for us!!!

After changing his name from Swat to Hobbes, he’s settling in very well.  The dog and him are actually starting to settling with each other – even sharing food off the same plate!  Hobbes does remind Griffin that he’s a cat and doesn’t like to be bothered too much, but otherwise they are doing well.

We feel very lucky to have Hobbes and vow to never let him go back to the humane society since his first adoptive parents returned him saying he was too much responsibility.  We can’t let him go back again!


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