Weekend Question: Why Do You Read and Owl of the Week

I’ve been looking for something simple to do on the weekends, and after reading a post that really hit home about showing your followers who you are and letting YOU shine through on your blog, I thought this would be a great addition to my week.  What is this?  It’s the Weekend Question hosted by Cleverly Inked.  
Each weekend she poses a question, and we share the answer with our readers.  It’s a great way to for us bloggers to get to know a bit more about each other.  
Hope you like it, and if you want to play along, visit Cleverly Inked.
This weekend’s Question:

With so many hobbies and tons of activities the can easily fill more then one life time, why do you read?

You know I’ve thought about that question a lot, and sometimes that answer is “Why do I breathe?”.  For me reading has always been as important, as part of my life, as natural as breathing.  I’ve spent time reading, large amounts of time, for as long as I can remember.  I was THAT girl in high school that always had a book with me.  That was excited about having reading days in English.  It’s just a part of me. 

But I guess there is more of an answer than that.  I read because I love getting caught up in the story and lives of the characters. I read because it can take me places I’ll never go.  I read because it teaches me.  I read because sometimes it makes me feel less alone in what I’m going through.  It just has always been a comfort to me in some way – in a way I can’t fully put into words.  But you know how sometimes when you’re feeling out-of-sorts or sad or lonely, so you curl up in a blanket to feel safe, or eat that food that makes you feel like you’re home again – that’s what reading feels like to me.  Always has.

Ok hope that wasn’t too touchy-feelly πŸ™‚  So what about you?


And, um, I thought I’d sneak in another old favorite of mine – the Owl of the Week!  Don’t you all miss it???? Ok here he is:

This adorable Owl Slippers!!!! Check out the Etsy store that sells them,The Little Pea Shoppe.    

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Question: Why Do You Read and Owl of the Week

  1. Ha–"Why do I breathe?"–that's funny! Read your question and snorted because I kind of thought the same thing. I love it. I live for the times when I can sit down with a good book and dive into the story.Mary @ Book Swarm

  2. For me, that's an easy one. I read because, unlike any other hobby, reading transports you to another world and another part of yourself. Yes, I guess it's unhealthy to live in another world, but books address real life problems in a fun way. I mean, knitting can't do that, now can it? – Amanda

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